a high efficiency, tree based memory cache server which will boost up your web application performances

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Gibson is a high efficiency, tree based memory cache server. It is not meant to replace a database, since it was written to be a key-value store to be used as a cache server, but it's not the usual cache server. Read more ->


Prefix patterns, blazing Speed

Gibson offers constant time key retrieval both for single GETs or "MGET prefix" thanks to its internal data structure, take a look at our benchmark.

Data Compression

A fast LZF compression is applied to every stored object bigger than a configurable threshold, this will guarantee always the lowest memory footprint possible.

Builtin TTL

Unlike other memory stores, Gibson has a builtin TTL for every object which you can specify when seting it for the first time or using the ttl command to update it later.

Atomic object LOCKING

Atomically lock and unlock single or multiple objects to avoid them being modified or going stale.

Latest updates

17 May 2015

Gibson 1.2.1 Changelog

The 1.2.1 minor release is available here. Changelog Fixed wrong version in CMakeLists.txt Removed wrong assertion on object pool source. Optimized object count using callbacks. Huge optimization for all M* operators using callbacks. Fixed issue 26: SEGV upon SIGTERM. … Read more ->

29 Apr 2015

Gibson 1.2.0 Changelog

The 1.2.0 major release is available here. Many minor and critical bugs were fixed in this release, so everyone is highly encouraged to update. Changelog MGET now supports an optional limit argument. Added clang support for Travis build. ( tnx to @thedrow ) Using travis new build workers. ( tnx to… Read more ->

09 Feb 2015

Gibson 1.0.4 Changelog

The 1.0.4 minor release is available here. From now on Gibson will use the object pool allocator as its main memory manager, improving speed and reducing memory fragmentation. Changelog Merged the object pool allocator branch into master. Minor stylistic fixes. … Read more ->

19 May 2014

Short roadmap of near future features.

This roadmap aims to be a sort of "memorandum" of things that are likely to be implemented and/or fixed in the near future or for which it has been determined a specific release date. At any time the dev team could change one of many of those dates due… Read more ->

16 May 2014

Gibson 1.0.2 changelog

The 1.0.2 minor release is available here, the changelog is small but contains the fix for a severe bug in the release system which prevented the user to compile any stable release >= 1.0.0 from the github release page ( cloned git repository worked instead ). Changelog Fixed CMake… Read more ->

13 May 2014

1.0.1 minor release changelog

A minor 1.0.1 release is available on the github releases index. Changelog Using git tag as version for server banner and statistical informations, removed git branch and revision. Updated banner url Fixed a couple of code formatting issues Used asserts all around the code for better testing debug… Read more ->